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Black Ties, Dancing Shoes and Christmas Fayre

November 20, 2011, 0 Comments

Good evening all – here we are again.  Perched on a stool in the kitchen tapping away at the laptop.  I’ve decided I like this blogging business (not sure what it says about me…?)  and writing about my business, which is my third baby, is very enjoyable and therapeutic.

As I type, I’m smiling as I remember the fun I had last Saturday night at Solberge Hall, just outside of Northallerton.  The event was the Thirsk Ladies Chamber of Trade Christmas Ball, and its purpose, other than having fun was to raise funds for the Thirsk Christmas Lights Fund.  It costs an enormous amount of money to light up Thirsk so beautifully each year.  The insurance alone is phenomenal, and the amount of effort  put into it is immense.  I can’t give exact figures, as I am very much on the sidelines, but super people such as Jill Miller, Vicky Calvert, Sal Billany, Tarek Ghouri and far too many others to mention work their socks off to make sure it happens each year.  Thirsk is a North Yorkshire market town, but I feel it’s like a village really.  There is such a strong sense of community evident in every day happenings.  So many of the small businesses support each other on a day-to-day basis, and the local residents are fantastic in shopping with us.

Anyway – the big Christmas lights switch on is Friday 25th November at 7p.m – this is part of the Thirsk Christmast Fayre weekend - see their website for details www.thirskchristmasfayre.com.  There is a lot going on, and we want lots of lovely visitors to come to Thirsk and enjoy the festive weekend.

We have had an amazing couple of weeks, business is very good, and lots of framing orders are now in, we’re going to be very busy leading up to Christmas.  The sooner you get in with your framing orders the better.  In past years we have had to ‘close the books’ on orders for Christmas around the 6th December, but now we can comfortably extend that due to our new and computerised equipment.  I am also looking at some ‘visualisation’ software to enhance everyone’s visit – it will allow us to show on a computer screen exactly how that print/photo/watercolour will look with your shortlisted mounts and frames.  Some people find it very difficult to imagine how the finished article will look, with corners of mountboard and frame chevrons, so hopefully this will be a big help!

Well I think it’s time to go for now, I have to do my shopping list for the week, it must include numerous boxes of tissues – I’ve just got one child through a throat infection, now the other is full of a streaming wet soggy cold!!  I hope this dense fog clears for tomorrow and the rest of the week, I don’t think full daylight appeared at all today…..

Warmest wishes, Jo.

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